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Gianvitorossi PINK WOMAN’S SHOE CARE Woman Accessories


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Gianvitorossi PINK WOMAN’S SHOE CARE Woman Accessories
Our seven-piece shoe care kit includes everything you need to clean and maintain your favorite footwear. The kit, which comes in a luxurious Cipria pink leather case, features a range of products and accessories designed to preserve calf, nappa, suede and any other luxury materials of your most beloved shoes. The kit contains: 1 brush to keep the surface of suede shoes nice and velvety 1 “para” rubber eraser to remove stains from suede and satin 1 leather cleansing cream to preserve calf and nappa leather 1 rubber sole cleaning fluid 1 natural sponge to spread the cream and, when soaked in the appropriate cleaning fluid, to clean rubber soles 2 multi-purpose soft cloths for cleaning insoles, shining and smoothing patent leather, PVC and satin and polishing calf and nappa leather


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